Pokemon GO trainers codes

Pokemon trainers around the world are now in big need to make new friends. They can meet them localy or find them via internet. Making and raising friendship levels with other trainers can have various positive effects.

Local effect

  • more pokeballs when finishing raid together
  • you can trade (and pay less stardust for traded) pokemon

Global effect

  • receiving XP
  • receiving stardust
  • receiving items (pokeballs, potions, revives,…)
  • receiving egg

When you open a gift and receive an egg you can put it in an incubator and hatch a pokemon. At the moment I’m writing this, all you can hatch is alolan forms and all the eggs from gifts have 7 km walking distance. I really don’t know when, how and if (at all) that will change in the future – let’s wait for that. 🙂

Pokemon received from egg was “made” at the pokestop where egg containing gift was collected, which means that if a friend who lives far away sends you a gift with an egg, you can trade that hatched pokemon with any of your local friends and you will both receive a huge distance bonus for a medal! Each pokemon can be traded once onlyIV’s will change and it can become Lucky Pokemon (for both)!

How far apart are we?

This table will help you understand what are the aproximate distances between countries (I took capital or well know cities – and of course Ljubljana where I live 🙂 – that’s Europe center – from all across the globe. Distances are only aproximate but you will get the general feeling for distance that will be added in trade, so that’s the important part. Notice: 1000 km = aprox. 620 miles.

city distances around the world

Get Pokemon trainer friends!

At the end, there’s a table with pokemon trainers and you can use a form and add your own trainer code in it – write your nickname, ID number, city and country where you live. As more and more people will “close the deal” (become best friends) with local players, they will need new friends too. Also to finish some tasks in the future etc.

Some don’t know other trainers in their neighbourhood, some don’t like social contact, so this table can help Pokemon trainers worldwide. We tested it in our city and it works great (in just a month around 160 players shared their code). (check HERE)

Notice – your comment will NOT be shown in the trainers list; Your ID and name will be added to the table list as soon as possible. The process is not automatic, so just wait a few hours, maybe a day or two if I’m ill or have lots of work but soon your number will be added to the list. In case you wish to remove it later, just write the number again and add that you want it removed in the comment section. Ignore or remove those players you don’t want to be friends with and expect more players will add you in the first days. Try to open gifts, try to send as many as you can but don’t expect all will send them back all the time. Have patience and – have fun!




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List of trainers from around the globe

Number Trainer Game ID City Country/State
1 Jrgandelf 4419 4516 1350 London UK
2 TrixterBip 1182 9166 6455 Luseland Canada
3 rieks1978 9146 0370 9969 Veendam Netherlands
4 SIRockos 9207 6464 2492 Ljubljana Slovenia
5 KittyKat1149 3287 2309 9999 Columbus USA (Georgia)
6 Glejdur 5412 9217 4391 Pula Croatia
7 Dargor36 3550 0443 4778 Bratislava Slovakia
8 RadenskaVoda 6081 3996 3964 Ljubljana Slovenia
9 Aquina2 5274 4075 3048 Karlstad Sweden
10 murasakinobara 0983 3724 8754 Ljubljana Slovenia
11 Gliro7 0537 9520 5182 Ljubljana Slovenia
12 KamikrazyAce 0197 5734 2276 Johannesburg South Africa
13 Tank2758 6377 5199 4098 Manville USA (NJ)
14 RivrsTamAndSong 6973 3286 9284 Los Angeles USA (California)
15 Lanliberator 4661 7786 4879 Ljubljana Slovenia
16 HenryMeyer16 7133 0854 7719 Copenhagen Denmark
17 B3ccatj3 0642 8822 8571 Halsteren, Bergen op Zoom Netherlands
18 okenskapolica 1202 0148 8176 Ljubljana Slovenia
19 Thatgirlone 7285 9570 9406 Virginia Beach Virginia (US)
20 Arlandpo33 8047 5109 5753 Virginia Beach Virginia (US)
21 lepikodri 4687 5709 2916 Ljubljana Slovenia
22 Seriouspanda42 0458 8780 4153 Dallas Oregon (US)
23 Znerol2016 5472 4826 1989 Makati Philippines
24 Zouch85 1728 1033 5036 Melbourne Australia
25 kaylakinds 7692 4056 8306 Johannesburg South Africa
26 Lakrispinne 3868 2525 3828 Mo i Rana Norway
27 Ziggurathium 5382 1827 2401 Zagorje ob Savi Slovenia

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